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Omni Corporation was developed by Glitch Braess and Ryozu Yamamoto in 2007. Officially, we began simply as OmniTech, but as our work evolved, so did our store. We decided to expand into more of the Second Life areas besides the special scripted tech side. We have been working off and on by ourselfs on the site and on the products alone, so even though it's taking time and effort, our products will still remain some of the best you will find. If you would like more information, please join our OmniCorps Group in-world!

Store Information:

Store Info Example
OmniTech Gadgets, Techie Accessories OmniPhaze
OmniMations Animations, Animation Overides OmniMations AO
OmniGear Useful Accessories Guitars
OmniStyle Clothing, Stylish Accessories Cuffs, Shades, Gauntlets





Currently, we are only located in one location. The shopping center in Gotham City. You can get in-world coordinates by clicking this link: